Pillow with a Prayer



The pillow with “a Prayer To The Guardian Angel” is designed for all children, youth and adults.

It can be an excellent gift for:

  • Baptism,
  • Holy Communion,
  • Confirmation,
  • Wedding,
  • as well as a gadget for students taking their exams.

The pillow comes in a small size and ergonomic shape which enables it to adjust to the cervical vertebrae of any user.

It can also be used whicle working at the computer or resting since it relieves the pain of the lumbosacral section of the spine caused by constant staying in the sitting position.

The curative insert of buckwheat hull has beneficial anti-allergic and anti-sweating activity.

It is a product made of natural raw materials:
100% of cotton and buckwheat hull.

Colour: sapphire blue
Print: white
Size: 30 x 40 cm
Material: 100% cotton, buckwheat hull.

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