“A friend of your organism”

Buckwheat hull constitutes approximately 25% to 36% of the whole buckwheat nut and a celulose-xylogen complex, with a relatively big contribution of tannins predominate in the chemical composition. The celulose-xylogen complex is characterized by sorption features which mean a high water absorption ability. Depending on the temperature and relative humidity of the surrounding air, water sorption and desorption balance is determined quickly. This ability of buckwheat hull may be used in preparation of pillows or lying places, in particular for sick patients or during convalescence. Hull tannins and other phenol compounds can inhibit the development of microflora, including the pathological one, as well as insect warehouse pests and arachnids.

The unique characteristics of buckwheat hull as grain material have been applied in Japanese tradition to fill pillows and mattresses. What remains after buckwheat grain is processed into groats is fruit coat. This buckwheat hull is mostly exported to Japan. The Japanese particularly prefer the hull of buckwheat from Warmia and Masuria areas. For a long time it has been used for filling traditional sitting pillows and sleeping mattresses in this Far-East country. Buckwheat hull is still used as bedding in broiler farms. However, the amount of covers which remain after buckwheat grain is processed into groats constitute an economic problem!

Fortunately, such companies as P.W.M. „GAMA”, which deal with buckwheat hull can be found in Poland. Mattresses, seats, pillows, bolsters and mats are filled with appropriately cleaned and prepared buckwheat hull. The hulls, moving relative to one another, adjust to body position, absorb moisture very quickly and a mattress (seat, pillow) filled with this component is constantly cool, does not warm up, inhibits the development of harmful microorganisms (mites), which is particularly important for allergy sufferers. It must be mentioned that the “negative” electromagnetic radiation emitted by buckwheat hull is a human-friendly radiation!

Companies manufacturing mattresses and seats have 10-year attests of their use, it is a guaranteed period for which the buckwheat these products contain retains its characteristics. Leather sheet in the mattresses screens geopathic (“positive”) radiation which negatively influences our health and general condition.

Products manufactured by “PWM GAMA” contain buckwheat hull which has in its composition:

  • tannins – compounds which prevent development of mites, arachnids, Gram (+) and Gram (-) bacteria. This is of considerable importance for people suffering from allergy, asthma, dermatologic diseases and for those with discontinuation of integuments, e.g. after operations, with psoriasis, etc.
  • rutin – natural compounds improving the immune system
  • celulose-xylogen compounds guarantee maintaining the lowest humidity level, which is of great importance for the skin of bed-ridden patients in anti-bedsore prophylaxis.

The lowest humidity level which is guaranteed on buckwheat hull ground is a benefit for the osteoarticular system in rheumatic and degenerative diseases and post-traumatic conditions. Micro- and macroelements contained in buckwheat hull guarantee a good microclimate for a person lying or sitting on a buckwheat ground.

Qualitative and Quantitative Assessment of Buckwheat Husks
as a Material for Use in Therapeutic Mattresses (DOWNLOAD)


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