The vest is made of buckwheat hull placed in vertical cotton canals and is perfect for persons suffering from backaches and pain in the lumbosacral regions. Adhering to the body in an ideal way, it massages it along the spine. Improving the microcirculation, the massage brings about a better oxygen supply and cellular nourishment.

The cellulose-lignin compounds ensure that buckwheat hull maintains the lowest level of the humidity of the integuments, which is of great importance with:

  • inflammations of the spine (radiculopathies)
  • degenerative states
  • discopathy
  • excessive muscle tension
  • rheumatic conditions
  • inflammations of the kidneys
  • after operations conducted on the spine
  • after the hernia.

The vest also ideally protects the lumbosacral section and kidneys from cold while working outside, in the garden or in everyday household chores. It warms up in the winter, cools down in the summer, it is irreplaceable while driving, beacuse it allows for a free air ventilation.

It has universal application – it can be worn on clothes or directly on the body. The ties allow for adjusting it to all figures.

The vest comes in three sizes:

  • Size 1: 38, 40, 42
  • Size 2: 44,46,48
  • Size 3: 50, 52, 54, 56.

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