The seat is light, puffy and is not deformed, it is also not warmed up with natural heat emitted by the body, it stays cool all the time.

The cellulose-lignin compounds found in buckwheat hull have strong absorbing qualities; while moving around in the canals, the buckwheat hull does not create a constant pressure on one body part. This naturally prevents intertrigos occuring with long-term pressure, which reduces the risk of bedsores and the hypertrophy of the prostate, as well as reduces the risk of haemorrhoids. It stimulates the skin and venous circulation.

There are two types of mini-seats on offer:

  • narrow-canal seat
  • wide-canal seat

They are recommended for office and garden chairs, cars, for office workers, drivers, persons with excessive perspiration, haemorrhoids, prostate hypertrophy.

They are also recommended for the disabled using wheelchairs and adjusted cars.

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