A kneeling chair is made of natural wood with a cotton cover which is filled with buckwheat hull.

It is recommended mostly for persons who sit a lot, office workers, children doing homework and playing at the computer as well as for all persons suffering from spinal conditions.

Using the kneeling chair reduces the load of intervertebral discs, the position of the knees is lower than of the hips, and the heels are placed in one line with the buttocks. This allows for a proper position of the spine as well as relief for the knee joints due to buckwheat hull found inside the kneeling chair.


  • it forces the maintenance of a proper position during work or watching TV
  • it allows for maintaining physiological curvatures of the spine
  • it is particularly beneficial for the most loaded lumbar section of the spine through the maintenance of its physiological lordosis
  • it strengthens the muscles and ligaments of the spine
  • it prevents faulty postures in children
  • it prevents the development of the degenerative lesions in adults
  • it prevents discopathy
  • it reduces radiculalgia

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